Family fun without spending money

Family fun without spending moneyEveryone is feeling the pinch of the ongoing global economic crisis – governments, large corporates to the average man on the street. No one is immune to it. However this doesn’t mean that you have to stop any of your daily activities or having a fun outing once in a while to break the monotony. It is particularly important to break the tedium if you have a young family or just need to get the stress of money issues off your mind. As times are tough financially, look to simple living techniques that our enjoyable.

Have a picnic or a cook-out

Invite your family and friends for a picnic or a cook-out in your backyard or in the local park. You can ask people to bring a dish each. This will help you to share the workload and split the food bill. You will get to relax with family and friends; your children will also get to have fun with everyone and have a refreshing outing, all for almost nothing.

Plan the picnic carefully; you can make your own drinks to carry; make your own fries or chips. You can easily make some chocolate energy bars or brownies for dessert. Carry fruits that you can peel and cut and serve as a fruit platter that everyone can enjoy, along with the other small homemade treats. Get everyone to bring ice and other supplies. With proper organization, you and your family can have a fun day while spending just as much as you would on a normal meal at home.

Spend a day at the beach

You can also plan a day at the beach. Take along a few friends to make the day even more special. This will provide company for the kids and let them run around, shout and generally give them a break from their boredom. Everyone can enjoy the fresh air, sun and depending on where you live, you can enjoy water skiing, surfing or just swimming and basking in the sun.  When you are going to the beach with young children, ensure that you carry enough water, snacks, sunscreen, toys like beach balls, Frisbees, bucket and spades, etc. apart from first aid kits and towels.

Hunt around locally

There are many local events that happen around you every day. Check for family fun activities like museums, galleries, art festivals, concerts and exhibitions etc. that offer free entry. Or clip coupons that offer discounts on entry tickets to local events. There are bound to be events every weekend and even something that you think might be boring can turn out to be interesting. You will never know until you try. The trick is to think like a tourist when hunting for things to do locally without spending tons of money. You and your children will end up having spent an interesting day learning something new.

Local Library

Check out your local library, lots has changed from the old days. The modern versions of libraries are incredible, taking full advantage of technology. These days’ libraries cater to all ages with specific sections for kids, teens, adults and seniors. They provide toys, games, internet access, magazines and even sections for music. It’s a great escape for individuals or families.

Family fun is all around you.  By taking a little time and making plans, you can provide everyone with a great time.  Look into having picnics, going to the beach, and checking out local events.  You can stay within your budget and make beautiful memories just by remembering that the best things in life are free.